segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2014

:: Thanksgiving - part 1 ::

Good morning y'all!
So good to be in the last month of 2014 and realize how blessed I was in this almost past year.
Today I want to start a few posts about thanksgiving and, for my first post, I want to share with you how thankful I am for my Heavenly Father!
* Thankful for my Father
If there's something I'm fascinate about is the nature, skies to be more specific.
I mean, seriously, it's impossible for me to do not fall in love with the sun, the sky, a sunset or a sunrise. I mean, I LOVE IT!!!!!
On my last trip I could tell how incredible it is when it's raining.
Here we see the gray clouds dominating the skies while up there you see the gray clouds but what predominate is the blue sky. I N S A N E!
Another thing I noticed it was in my last trip as well.
It was so foggy when we took off but, the minute we were up there, no more foggy sky but a beautiful and huge moon with the beautiful stars lighting up the skies.
While I saw that beauty I thought: "God, only You to make this to happen! and I'm so thankful You allow me to see all this!"
He created everything (Genesis chapter 1 describes it well) for His children (us) and it's sad that many of us don't even stop for a few seconds to realize how beautiful the skies are today... still, He's given us this gift EVERYDAY and I challenge you today, wherever you are, to stop now and take a look on the nature around you. Yes, that's all for you!
My prayer is that through all the nature beauties around us, our hearts be thankful for our Creater and for His great and infinite love for us.
Oh and I'd love to read your comment here telling how you appreciate the nature around you :)
Wish you a blessed and thankful week!
Much love,
Larissa Pereira

segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2014

Generosity is the new black by Esther Houston

New weeks started well.

I follow a blog that has inspered me so much and helps me a whole lot, it's Esther Houston blog.
She's such an simple/elegante/lovely woman and her blog has a mix of the best a woman can be/have.

Today I share with you her new post on the category on her bog called "Soul food" and I hope you like it as much as I love it!

Enjoy it!

"So many movies and TV shows focus on bad boys, mean girls and people who step all over others to get what they want. But in reality, I believe those days should be over. The truth is, people want to be around those who are positive, happy and generous. Kindness, loyalty and thoughtfulness are attractive qualities, which shine in the midst of darkness.
It may seem like a contradiction, but giving is much more satisfying than receiving. Seeing the surprised and touched reaction on a person's face actually makes your day just as much as your act of kindness made theirs. I think we need to always remember that people all around us are fighting battles behind their mask of "everything is fine." We often have no idea what people are going through behind closed doors. And a simple smile, a word of encouragement, a little gift or a cup of coffee can really make a positive difference in a person's life.
Each day gives us the opportunity to lay down our own selfishness and put someone else first. I want to be a woman who reaches out my hand to those around me. Together, let's be women who make generosity fashionable."
Larissa Pereira

sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014



 Never ever ever too late to come back to say "HeLLo"!
I always love to come here and keep y'all update from what's going on in my life.
I'm planning to come back and starting post again in Portuguese and English, this way my brazilian friends can also be updated.
For now on this is my last post in English only.
Next, Portuguese! #paaartttyyy
Anyway, as you follow here, my lovely man doesn't live here and he came to spend 15 days with me (and also propose!) in the first two weeks of September. Many things happened and it includes us getting engaged! hahaha (next post will be about it).
Every time he comes I try my best for him to spend as much time as we can with my family and friends, meet some people who is part of my life and some of the pics you'll see here in this post are an example of that.
I think we never had so much fun together as we did this time he came to Brazil.
I mean, we laughed most of the times and learned to make each other happy, specially content in the situation we are now (long distance relationship). That's one thing that I know nowadays is really hard to find since people get more exigent with their things and they forget to really enjoy the "little things", like, hold hands, kiss on the cheek, say "I love you", be goofy together, laugh, look into the eyes... Definitely these are things I've learned to appreciate and really value for the fact that these "little things" build a better version of myself and help me to impact others tremendously.
Check some of these "little things" pics:
 :: waiting the bus ::
 :: my college girls and their loves ::
 :: my sis Raven ::
 :: my sis Raven and her brother Werlon and her sister Hannah ::
 :: our friends from Parnaíba, Denise, Fabio and Jardel ::
 :: enjoying the beach ::
 :: my little cousin Gabriel and my little flower Taynara ::
 :: my brother Estevão and his girl Jessica in our double date ::
 :: my lovely friends ::
:: my love so serious lol ::

These are some of the moments we had together.
I challenge you to enjoy EVERY MOMENT in your life specially appreciate the little things.
Believe me or not, you won't lose anything!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Larissa Pereira

sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2014



How's your summer going?
Well, I just had 10 days off (yeah only 10 days! here at work we were used to have 30 days off... no more!) and I enjoyed these days to help a ministry I already talked about it here and also could have one my dearest friend Rozenir Sousa with me.
We spent 1 week there (no signal, no nothing) and the atmosphere was COMPLETELY different of what I am used to.
And I say this not just because of the things we don't have in a big city like transportation, grocery stores, schools, internet and phone signal and many other things but specially because those people reality is too much for them. I'll explain you...
One of the main goals of a Adonia project, besides share Jesus is reach people without "financial condition" like, most of their projects are in poor community and most of these kids can have their three meals plus snacks. I know from some of you it may sounds like absurd that people just go to join a project because there's food. YES! Believe me! many many people out there have NONE condition and when they have an opportunity like that they just CAN'T miss it!
But what surprised me most was the fact that most of these kids has a family model completely different of the one God wants us to us (father+mother+children). Some doesn't have dad or mom or any! Besides that, some of those who have a family don't have love or care from them so when we get there when we give them attention or hug them seems like they see in us a "love fountain" where they never want to leave the side.
Talking about the project, our day consisted in early in the morning wake up and have our bible devotion before the kids get there. It worked like a camp for us leaders and some kids who could stay at the project. After a delicious breakfast we were ready to hold the kids and take them to the morning service before they start praticing for the musical. We always had a great time singing about Jesus' love and reading the bible on the small groups! I had the honor to lead a small group of 12-15 years old girls and they blessed me more than could imagine!

 :: morning service ::
 :: my small group girls ::
 :: Cícero and I ::
 :: silly boys ::

Our musical was about Jesus Christ rising from the death (Luke 24) and we had the opportunity to present it in Palmeirais (it's a small town 40 minutes away from the community we were) and besides all their excitment also nervousism dominate their hearts for a while BUT it was tremendously beautiful and gracious see those kids giving their best to God through their presentation. Basically they just have 1 week to learn all the lyrics+texts and they there's so much effort from them and our team. It's contangious!

 :: presentation time! ::

In Palmeirais, in 2010 to be more specific, I had the honor to work with a mission from Kentucky-USA and there we shared about Jesus' love with that community and also were so encouraged by the pastor jurandi and his family who's reponsible for the Baptist project there!
I honestly don't remember the last time I saw them since 2010 but our surprise our team was going to visit Palmeirais and guess who I saw again? YES! Pastor Jurandi and his family! For me it was so special to meet them there plus his wife, sister Ana, is woman of God with authoraty of the HOly Spirit in a way I never saw before in anyone else! She encourages me so much and support me and my family through prayers like no other and oh gosh, to hug her again brought a bunche of tears! hahaha I love them!
 :: Pastor Jurandi and his wife sister Ana ::

 :: back home from Palmeirais ::

After the presentation in Palmeirais we needed to focus in our next presentation in Bom Jardim community and see how amazed they were just filled our heart of gratitude of what God did! It was a different atmosphere because their families and friends would be there to see them on the stage but you know what amazed me most? The fact God changed their hearts mostly mine!
Roze and I were talking about how crazy this world values are nowadays!
If you graduate you have to have a job that will allow you to make lots of money and you must flaunt the best you have to make people "accept" you. The worst of this is that MANY end up doing exactly this and MANY of them cultivate christian principles. In my opinion, live just like this world preaches is to go contrary of Romans 12:2 says and, in the end, it won't be woth it!
God touched my heart once again to have my heart on the track specially value "things" He value MOST: people!
Actually, more than people.
:: ma boys ::
:: Cleyson and I ::
:: Roze and I ::

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

1 João 3:1
Much love,
Larissa Pereira

quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

Há um tempo para todo propósito

Mais um post no blog e quero compartilhar com vocês um texto que me abençoou esta manhã enquanto visitava o site da Igreja Batista da Lagoinha

Minha oração é que este texto também os abençõe ricamente, sobretudo os ajude a confiar no melhor tempo que é o do Senhor Jesus.

Enjoy it! :)

"Existe um tipo de bambu chinês que demora anos e anos para crescer, porque antes de brotar, primeiramente ele aprofunda suas raízes. Cada um possui um tempo de crescimento, para todo propósito há um tempo determinado. Como esse bambu, precisamos ter raízes profundas, firmadas em Deus, no pleno conhecimento da Sua Palavra, para que não venhamos a nos perder, tornando-nos como anãos.

O Salmo 92.12 diz: “O justo florescerá como a palmeira, crescerá como o cedro no Líbano”. O justo florescerá como a palmeira, seja nos desertos, ou no oásis. É fácil para uma árvore crescer em lugares férteis, junto ao rio, onde há abundância, em terra fértil, mas a palmeira a despeito de ter ou não rios, terreno favorável, ela cresce mesmo no deserto. O justo, você e eu, cresceremos como a palmeira, que cresce como o cedro no Líbano. O cedro tem raízes profundas, estas são quase do tamanho da sua copa. Quando olhamos a bandeira do Líbano, vemos exatamente o cedro do Líbano, forte, majestoso. Nossas raízes estão no Senhor e na Palavra de Deus.

Nossa caminhada com o Senhor está descrita em Provérbios, capítulo 4, verso 18: “Mas a vereda dos justos é como a luz da aurora, que vai brilhando mais e mais até ser dia perfeito”. O dia perfeito é o dia na sua plenitude. Ao meio dia o sol está no seu zênite, não há sombra. Jesus é o sol da justiça, na vida dele não tem sombra, assim também é na nossa história. Não somos perfeitos, mas é um processo, a cada dia somos aperfeiçoados. Crescendo gradativamente, dia após dia no conhecimento de Deus e da Palavra. Temos que ver o nosso progresso, a cada dia dizer: “Eu vou crescer na fé, não vou ficar do mesmo tamanho”.

Na Palavra encontramos um homem que fez uma oração ousada. Jabez tinha um nome carregado de negativismo e pessimismo, pois nasceu com o estigma da dor e do sofrimento. Sua mãe chamou-lhe Jabez, dizendo: “Porque com dores o dei à luz” (1Cr 4.9). No entanto, diz a Palavra que Jabez foi mais ilustre do que seus irmãos. Era um menino fadado ao fracasso, destinado ao insucesso, um jovem sem esperança, discriminado, sem saída e sem perspectiva de vida. Ele poderia se conformar com todo tipo de sofrimento, a que pode-se dizer que estava destinado. Poderia pensar que seria mesmo um ninguém. Mas ele escolheu fazer uma oração que mudou toda sua vida. Está em 1 Crônicas, capítulo 4, verso 10: “Jabez invocou o Deus de Israel dizendo: Oh! Tomara que me abençoes e me alargues as fronteiras, que seja comigo a tua mão e me preserves do mal, de modo que não me sobrevenha aflição! E Deus lhe concedeu o que lhe tinha pedido”.

Não podemos ter receio de fazer orações e súplicas ousadas como fez Jabez; ele disse: “Tomara que me abençoes” e a vontade de Deus é nos abençoar. “Alargues as fronteiras” é a restituição de Deus na nossa vida. Ao fazer essa oração Jabez pediu a Deus para avançar, crescer. E pediu mais: “Que seja comigo a tua mão e me preserves do mal, de modo que não me sobrevenha a aflição. E Deus lhe concedeu o que lhe tinha pedido”.

Que a sua, a minha oração a cada dia seja para crescer no conhecimento de Deus e da Sua Palavra, que possamos viver a cada dia olhando firmemente para Jesus, caminhando com o Autor e Consumador da fé, nos espelhando nele. Caminhemos pautando a nossa vida pela Palavra e experimentaremos a cada dia a plenitude da graça do Senhor.

Deus Abençoe!"

Larissa Pereira

quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014


That's how I feel after an amazing weekend at one of the most beautiful places I ever went: RIO DE JANEIRO!
As most of you know I'm Brazilian from the Northeast region of my beautiful country and well even all the troubles I'm competely passionate about it!
I had the opportunity to visit Rio for the first time in 2002 with my mum and even it was short trip I loved how "cariocas" (that's how we call people from Rio) are so sweet and just happy people.
Then in 2008 I went back by myself (it was my first trip by plane! so good!!!) and my aunt, who lives there for more than 10 years, and I had a B L A S T!
2009 and 2010 I was there again and, after 3 years, last weekend another opportunity came.
You saw my post about my friend Raquel visiting and since she moved to Belo Horizonte to join a mission team there, and it's closer to Rio than here, we talked about see each other there and worked out pretty well!
It was amazing see Rachel again but pretty more amazing see my gorgeous aunt! hahaha I also met one of my friends from here who is living there for almost 4 years and it was so good to see how excited he was to see me again.
Check some photos.
:: Rachel and I ::
:: Wanderson and I ::
:: silly section¹ ::
:: silly section² ::
If you are coming to Rio de Janeiro one of the things that is a "MUST DO" thing is visit the most famous statue in the world: Christ the Redeemer!

The view from the there is AMAZING! and you can see the whole city of Rio and their beautiful nature from there, besides Christ literally right there.
It's almost winter on the South and God blessed our day even more that day with a sunny morning and guess what? no clouds there! hahaha
Lots of tourists were there too and in our pics you can see one head here and another one there hahaha but still MARVELOUS!
:: view from the top ::
:: Christ the Redeemer ::
:: blessed! ::
:: the traditional pose hahaha ::
:: Rachel looking wherever hahaha ::
:: happy girls ::


Happy days in Rio with lots of joy and good laughs hahaha
My aunt and her husband are the best hosts ever and they made us feel like home.
We had a great time with them and made my heart even more thankful for them and for what friendship and love are!

:: good laughs ::
:: my gorgeous aunt Teresa ::
:: on our way home ::

:: familia ::

Hope you enjoy the post.

Also, enjoy your family as much as you can while you have them. No matter if they live close or far away, it's never too late to show up or call them and say how you cherish and value them.

Much love,

Larissa Pereira

quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2014

Update - part 2


I'm here back again to share a little bit of my trip.

Well, in my visit to Tennessee I had the chance to go to the famous Smoky Mountains and see the beauty of that amazingness  emoji

My boyfriend had taken me there on our first date (when I had gone there already hahaha) abut this time was different. I remember him saying: "we are going to the mountains babe" and I was like "oh ok."

He jokes now saying that I wasn't even excited to go until we get there.

For my surprise he took me to see the mountains in a different angle.

And I LOVED IT!!!!!

We went by helicopter!


I thouhght I was the coolest person alive! hahahaha
Besides that, also it was my boyfriend's first time in a helicopter and both of us felt amazing and loved by the opportunity God gave to us.

The view?


See the mountains from the helicopter showed how SPETACULAR our God is.
See all that beauty reflected through the trees and mountains got me thinking how little we are before Him but He still chose to love and care about us among the magnitude of the planet Earth.

How come people say He doesn't exist yet?
How come people afirm the beauty of our planet came from the explosion?

I respect their opinion but for me it's just unquestionable His existence and power here.

And what about His love?
Yeah! L. O. V. E.

Great great great love that created all this for us.
Great great great love that chose to accepct us but not let us the same.
Great great great love that is bigger and bigger everyday in despite of our flaws.

I don't know what kind of life you live but never doubt your Creater love for you.
He's just CRAZY ABOUT YOU!!!!

(And all this notes I took from a ride on a helicopter... sweet!)

Check some pics:

:: cool ::
:: my love & I ::
:: AMAZING view ::
:: SPETACULAR view ::
:: Cory (our pilot) and us ::

Hope you enjoyed.
Have a wonderful day!

Larissa Pereira