sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2014


Happy Friday y'all!

Today I want to share with you what I read about Trust in a new blog I'm following now.
You can check it all on the link:

"Choose to trust.

This is a new one for me. I always thought that the second you came to terms with the fact that 'you cannot trust ANYBODY but YOURSELF' in life, you were stronger for that. Now I can honestly say I am going to have to disagree with myself on that one unfortunately. Although that's what society teaches us, 'fool me once shame on you- fool me twice, shame on me', if we are trying to maintain a relationship, how do we plan on doing that without giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Those who choose to trust, earn trust. If you choose to believe in someone, you are giving him or her a reason to keep trying, to feel loved, to feel valued, and to trust in YOU. The alternative is choosing to always 'protect' yourself by being so skeptical and distrustful, that you never fully allow someone to feel secure, but rather, wrongfully open up a door that says 'this relationship may fail'. It won't fail if both parties choose to not let it fail. If its complicated with the other person, you should be the one to start. Chances are the other person thinks its complicated with YOU.
Notice how there is a CHOICE to be made in every point. Ultimately, it all starts with YOU. We cannot expect and demand changes in a person, but we can all control how we treat our relationships, and that is something worth doing. I humbly believe that if there is ONE thing worth fighting for – it's people."
Hope you enjoy it and be blessed!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Larissa Pereira

terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Update [finally!] - part 1

Oh gosh! I have leave my blog all by itself lately lol
BUT guess what? I'm baaaaaaaack!
Well, as a "hello I'm back!" post, I want to share with you my last trip to America. It was Carnival holiday here in Brazil and, as I had one week of vacation, I decided to pack and go to one of my favorite places in the world to see my lovely people there.
At Brasilia airport, besides all the movement in an airport in a Friday afternoon, God continually took care of me and provided everything that I needed to have a good trip (and it includes to find an adapter in a bookstore to charge my phone hahaha) and whoa I'm so blessed for that!
I LOVE to read! (specially if I have a long trip) and I was reading "No perfect people allowed" by John Burke and it'so good to see how Burke enourages us to build a dialogue with people that God sent a person for me to talk to. Seems like we were friends since forever and another oportunity to be blessed and being a blessing too. (hope to see him one day soon!)
18 hours later, including flights and layovers, I got there!(I always am so excited to get to my final destin that I don't get tired ever! hahaha). My feelings were a mix of joy, excitment, yeah a little bit of tiredness but YEAH! I WAS IN AMERICA BABE!
Besides be in my favorite place, my heart was excited to be with my baby hot prince...(awwwww) and see him again made everything better emoji 

 :: my love ::
And, as I said on the beginning of my post, America is one of my favorite places and where I have some of the most lovely people and, after airport, we went to my friend's house (another family) to leave my bags and oh gosh, SO SO SO HAPPY TO BE THERE!
One of the first people I saw there was my Mom's friend, Marty (Moma Marty emoji) who always show me love like a mother and makes me laugh so hard like no other. I wasn't expecting but, after a long hug, the tears came on my face (and hers too!) and on my mind I just thank God so much for being there, safe and at home.
:: Moma Marty ::

One of my best surprises during my first day there was to see again my friend Katinha. who came from New York to spend the night with me (yes! she rode a bus for 18 hours. yes! she left the next morning back home) and oh gosh I WAS SO HAPPY TO HER AGAIN!
:: silly/precious Katinha ::

The following days I was with some incredible people (some old friends and some new friends) and it includes to see one of my brothers (Cody Cody) and rock (not sure) bowling! hahaha I also had the chance to spend some time with my love's niece, Grace, who is probably the most genuine lovely little girl I ever met and we could laugh a lot and just demonstrate love to each other :)

 :: Jonathan, Neva, Kara, Hailey, Alex, Cody and Ryan ::
 :: my beautiful brother Cody Cody ::
 :: sweet Grace ::
 :: yeaaaah! donuts time! ::
I am completely in love with the people I have there and the chance I had to call them familia.
With no shadow of doubt I'm so so so blessed to have such a sweet and lovely Godly girl in my life like my friend Casey. So so so so thankful for her!

 :: Casey ::
:: cutest girl ::

I'll share with you the other part of my trip on my next post since I have more things to share and, for a first post, it'd be too long SO stay connected and check my next post here.

Thank you so so so much for visiting. Leave a comment if you want...

Much love,

Larissa Pereira

sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014

Raquel is in the house!

Happy Fridaaaaaaay!

Who is here excited for another weekend?
Who of you have a good week?
My week has been kinda sloooooow but good. For me it's really amazing see how great things God has allowed me to live and this is more than enough for me to be thankful for.

Well, my last post was about one of my new friends I met on Adonia English Camp, Raquel. My new swiss-brazilian friend is such a lovely person, with a gorgeous beauty inside and out and has a beautiful heart for Christ and His cause.

Her parents are swiss and live here in Brazil for 20 years if I am not wrong. They live in a inner town called Barras (2 hours from the capital city of Piauí) and there they work hard to make God's name be known in that place. In the small conversations Raquel and I had during Adonia, it's possible to see her heart for missions she's just waiting on God's direction for the next steps (hard waiting but worthy!).

Before she travels to a missionary field, I invited her to come over for a weekend of relax and fun with me and my family in our simple but lovely house hahaha. Praise God she accepted the invitation and I think it was one of the funniest weekend I had lol.

As I said on the beginning, she's such a lovely girl but also a funny one! (I cracked up most of the times while we talk or when we were getting ready to go out hahaha).
Some of my friends made her weekend funny too (I didn't take any pic of Sunday night with my sweet friends while we ate pastel... my super bad!) and I'm so thankful for them and for the blast we had while she was here.

Check some of the pics:

 :: Raquel and I ::
 :: don't know how I crossed my eyes like that..." ::
 :: silly girls ::
Three of my friends, Raquel and I went to the movies to watch Frankstein and I never laughed so hard as I did while I was with them (and it wasn't because of the movie!).
We had lots of fun messing around one of the big stores at the mall and praise God nobody saw our ''weirdness"! hahaha
 :: Me, Raquel, my sis Raven, Camilinha and Nel ::
 :: Raquel and I being super serious ::
 :: gangsters ::
 :: cute moment ::
Last Monday (03/02) she left to a new time full of adventure and challenge.
It was kind sad to see her leaving (brazilians are sensitive, I'm worst than everybody when we talk about sensitiveness, I swear! hahaha) but see how peaceful she was about everything, even all the doubts about the unknown, makes things way better.
:: Camila and I sad 'cuz she's gone ::

The better part of all this is that we are going to be together soon!
But while we are not around each other anymore, daily prayers go out and skype comes to save! hahaha

I don't know if y'all have the opportunity to have such good and funny Godly friends as I do but I pray that God bless everyONE of those people around you who you call or consider "friend" and may you be a blessing to them today. Also, may you seek on Him wisdom to be away from ''fake and bad friends".

Hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing weekend!
God bless you!

Larissa Pereira

sexta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2014

Adonia - pics

Hi sweet & beautiful people who follow my blog!

How are y'all doing? I'm so sorry because on my last post I posted a video but it didn't upload BUT in this post I'm sharing with you some of the pictures from Adonia English Camp.
I confess you that after look to all these pics it made me miss every single that we have there so bad BUT life continues!
Pics are good to allow us to re-live all again and I hope you like some of these I'm sharing here with you :)
:: Nathalie, Vanessa, Naemi and I being silly ::
:: my favorite boys Cícero and Eduardo ::
:: first scene crew - Eduardo, Emmanuelly & Cícero ::
:: my new Brazilian-Swiss friend Raquel ::

:: my new Swiss friend Vanessa ::
:: my fellas ::
:: before the presentation ::
:: before the presentation ::
:: before the presentation ::

:: Gehazi in action ::
Hope you enjoyed some of the pics.
Oh, and my Brazilian-Swiss friend, Raquel, is coming to visit this weekend and she'll stay with us 'till Wednesday. So, next week I'll post how was everything while she was here.
Hope you have an incredible weekend and don't forget the Lord Almighty loves & cares a LOT about you.
Much love,
Larissa Pereira

terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hi sweet, lovely and blessed people who follow my blog!
Happy 2014!!!!!
I'm sorry for take so long to post here (lastpost was in October! oops) BUT never too late to come back isn't it?
Well, I'll post the highlights of 2013 in a post here soon but for today I wanna share with you some of the most funny and best moments I had the past week.
It was Thursday night (01/03) when I was sitting home watching the news with my parents when an lady and dear follower of Christ called me inviting me to help in a English Camp.
I didn't have a clue what I was getting in but I'm a kinda of person that when someone needs help, I do my best to help them out so went on Friday (01/04) to the first Adonia English Camp.
Adonia is a ministry from Switzerland that organize camps with kids/teenagers/youth to encourage them to use their abilities to the kingdom of God. Besides all that, they are deeply encouraged to have a deep relationship with Christ (you can check more about in - portuguese page OR swiss page - sorry I tried to find a page in english but I didn't find any).
On the first Adonia English Camp in Teresina I had the honor to help and join this amazing team!
Andreas and Eva Härberli are the swiss couple responsible for this ministry here ( - most of the posts are in german) and their love and passion for God's cause are contagious! Adonia has worked so well because their obedience and dedication to God through it all and I wanna encourage y'all to take some minutes and lift them (family and ministry as well) up in your prayers if you can.
Anyway, there's a video here with some pics and you can watch it now.
Hope you like it.
Have a blessed week and may God's blessings continue to come upon you.

Much love,
Larissa Pereira

quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013


Hi sweet and beautiful people who follow my blog!
How are y'all doing in this beautiful week?
Here in my city is kinda hot these past days (it's 93F right now) but we are still having fun hahaha
As I told you on my last post, last weekend was one of my best friends wedding (10/19) and I have some pics to share with you...
Before you see some of the pics let me tell you a lil bit of their story.
I met Jéssica Catarine (Cathery) & Kerignaldo (Keri) at church. I met Keri fisrt since we atend the same church for a loong time and Cathery just came in when they were "flirting". After a few months Cathery and I were atending the same small group and we became closer. She became my leader in our group, then I became hers and we became leader of each other hahaha but the best part of all this is that we built a beautiful and loyal relationship. She is a kindof girl you can count on anytime of the day or night. We always shared same great experiences with God side by side and we are such "laugh about everything" girls hahaha. We can tell what each other is trying to say without say a word and I am blessed beyond measure thro what God allowed us to have as friends.
Keri is more quite but wise and funny at the same time.
His relationship with God clearly reflects on his behavior and I LOVE to be around him and be so much blessed thro him.
In the last week we need to run like crazy checking all the details for her wedding like decoration, make up and hair besides that we check the last errands for her house and definitely was a honor for me to be involved with all that.
Here we go to the pics!
 my make up
 on our way to the wedding

One of the things Cathery required was a simple decoration since she'd get married in the end of the afternoon.
My beautiful Mum and one of her friends (Cleusenir) were responsible for the decoration and all the detaisl were carefully organized and made by them with lots of love and dedication.
I think I never cried so much in a wedding as I did on theirs hahaha
Beautiful songs were played, the bridesmaid were extremely cute (their buquet was handmade by one of my friends), the groom couldnt contain his happiness and nervosism hahaha, the message our pastor Ivonaldo shared made me think a lot about marriage and all the commitment that it involves. They were absolutely and extremely happy for live one the greatest moments of the lives and how great things God already prepared for them for this new time.
Their wedding also gave me the chance to meet a beautiful girl. She became our "virtual friend" and it's crazy how God do the things. She is silly and sweet and everybody became her friend. Her name is Ana Lourdes (AnaLu) and see her walking there with a big smile upon her face made me think how good is when you give yourself a chance to meet precious people like her. We didn't have much time to talk but the little we did it was worthy! Miss her tho :( #comebacksoonAnaLu
Ok. Pics again? YUP!
 Keri saying "This is our day!"
 beautiful/cute bridesmaids
 gorgeous AnaLu
 Cathery &Keri during the ceremony
 Pastors praying for them

Mr. & Mrs. Moura and I


See God making the promisses true in their lives and how great is HIs faithfulness just encourage me to keep my faith and my eyes focused in what matters: HIM.

Have a wonderful day.


Larissa Pereira

segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013

Hello October!

Hello sweet bloggers!
What a sweet October!
This weekend one of my best friends, Rozenir, and I had the chance to go to São Paulo to see one of our favorite bands: Hillsong United. Besides be able to sing our favorite songs I had the opportunity to see an old friend of mine, Nati Bessa, who I met on PASSION Conference in 2010 and after so long we could catch up n see how each other are doing and also she had the pleasure to meet my sweet Roze.  God prepared a great time for us and we were pretty blessed during this weekend.
 Roze & I on the line
 Roze, Nati & I
 Hillsong United

São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in Brazil and it's known by "croncrete jungle" besides has most of the big companies and factories but one thing we found there it's a beautiful park called Ibirapuera with beautiful trees, lakes and some birds to make it even more beautiful.
There we see many people exercising, walking, kids playing, riding bicycles and for our surprise we could rent a bike for R$ 5 [almost $ 2,50] and ride for one hour and oh gosh how we had fun hahaha. We looked like three big lil girls riding and laughing a lot on the park.
 Ibirapuera Park
We also could see one of our church members who now is living in São Paulo with his sisters.
In my honesty, I never imagine our 3 hours encounter would bring him tears... He always was so shy and almost never said anything but it's crazy how a big city and the crazy busy routine can help someone. On his case, it was bonus. What amazed most about see him again was how great and good God is. He never forsake His children but ALWAYS take care and love and provide the best for them. God is good more than we can ever imagine!
Me, Roze & Marcos

Anyway, after a busy but AMAZING weekend we are getting ready for what God has on the store of us during this week. And by the way, one of my best friends are getting married this weekend and definitely I'll post about it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed week.
Remember: God takes care of you in all details.
Believe it.


Larissa Pereira